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Event ID: 111 Source: DNS

The DNS server could not create a thread. System may be out of resources. You might close applications not in use restart the DNS server or reboot your computer. The event data is the error code.
As per Microsoft: "To check the NetBIOS over TCP/IP configuration: 1. Open Control Panel, and double-click Network and Dial-up Connections . 2. Click the Protocols  tab, and click TCP/IP Protocol  in the Network Protocols list. 3. Click Properties , and then click the WINS Address  tab. 4. Verify that the IP addresses for both the primary and secondary WINS servers are correct, and that the Enable DNS for Windows Resolution  check box is selected. 5. Click the Bindings tab, and verify that the WINS (TCP/IP) protocol is bound to the network adapter. If you continue to receive this message, verify that the WINS reverse lookup record has been configured correctly by using DNS Manager or by opening the appropriate database file located in the Systemroot /System32/Dns folder. You can edit this database file using Notepad but you must stop DNS first".

Also, see ME941672 for additional information about this event.
This memory leak issue occurs because DNS cannot release memory that must be allocated for User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packets in some scenarios. See ME946565 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

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