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Event ID: 1110 Source: ActiveDirectory

Promotion of this server to a Global Catalog will be delayed for <value> minutes. This delay is necessary so that the required partitions can be made ready before the GC is advertised.The operations that will occur during this time include the KCC being run to generate the new topology all read-only partitions in the enterprise being added to this server and the contents of these partitions being replicated into this system.

If you wish to promote the GC immediately without enforcing this precondition set the registry variable

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ NTDS \ Parameters \ Global Catalog Delay Advertisement (sec)

to a DWORD value of 0.The GC will be promoted on the next attempt to check preconditions.This value can also be set to the maximum number of seconds that the DSA will wait before promoting to a GC.
As per Microsoft: "Promotion of the specified domain controller to a global catalog is delayed for the number of specified minutes. This delay is necessary so that the required directory partitions can be prepared before the global catalog is advertised. In the registry, you can specify the number of seconds that the directory system agent will wait before promoting the local domain controller to a global catalog. For more information about the Global Catalog Delay Advertisement registry value, see the Resource Kit Distributed Systems Guide". See MSW2KDB for more details.

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