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Event ID: 11165 Source: DnsApi

The system failed to register host (A) resource records (RRs) for network adapter
with settings:

†† Adapter Name : {0FE3F0AB-9B09-4C4D-944D-25A3BD5C6F7F}
†† Host Name : boo
†† Primary Domain Suffix : <domain suffix>
†† DNS server list : <DNS servers list>
†† Sent update to server : <?>
†† IP Address(es) : <IP address>
The reason the system could not register these RRs was because the DNS server contacted refused the update request. The reasons for this might be (a) you are not allowed to update the specified DNS domain name, or (b) because the DNS server authoritative for this name does not support the DNS dynamic update protocol.

To register the DNS host (A) resource records using the specific DNS domain name and IP addresses for this adapter, contact your DNS server or network systems administrator.
EV100476 (The system failed to register host (A) resource) provides a description of this problem and how to fix it.
I faced this problem with Windows XP Professional clients on a Windows 2000 Advanced based server, and I solved it by configuring my Active Directory Server with a complete DNS server name (ex. hostname.domain.local). Then I allowed dynamic updates, and set on clients machines my DNS Server address as primary address for DNS.
As per Microsoft: "The update request for an A record could not be completed. Possible causes include:
- There is no network connectivity.
- The zone file is not configured to accept updates.
- The zone could not be found.
- The server is unavailable". See MSW2KDB for more details.

This issue may occur if you have implemented a single-label domain namespace. Microsoft does not recommend that you use Active Directory directory service domains with single-label DNS names. If you want to keep your single-label DNS structure, see ME826743 for details.
In my case, the event occurred after demoting a Win2k3 DC and not changing the computerís Primary DNS Suffix in the System Properties. In this case, the computer was not a domain member at all.
We were able to deduce that XP does not like single-label DNS names, i.e. example (old NT 4 implementation, NetBIOS) instead of
Microsoft has a reference to this at ME300684. This was verified by us when I changed my Active Directory DNS namespace from a single-labeled DNS name to a true DNS name.
There is a regedit to work around this issue if IT Administrators do not want to change their Active Directory namespace over to a DNS implementation.

This event will appear if the DNS Suffix on the TCP/IP properties on the Network card is invalid.  In our case, the PC was setup with domainx in the field, rather than Once the DNS Suffix matched the AD or at least is a vaild "domain.extension" this error stops.
This error occured in my case in the following scenario: the Client (Windows XP) gets its TCP/IP configuration from a Windows NT 4.0 DHCP server with a different connection specific zone The clients' Windows 2000 (AD) primary domain suffix is different,, so the client could not update the DNS entry at the Windows 2000 DNS server for the primary domain suffix.

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