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Event ID: 112 Source: EXOLEDB

Microsoft Exchange OLEDB was unable to register OnSyncSave event for Schema propagation on MDB startup HRESULT = <error code>.
I as well had to rename the schemas to get rid of this error. I tried renaming the older on first but it was actually the new one that renamed. The comments below that tell you how to do so worked for me.
The oldest schema-root folder is not necessarily the one at fault. Rename either folder, stop and start the Microsoft Exchange Information Store, and if the errors disappear then you have correctly identified the offending folder. If however you receive EventID 1194 from source MSExchangeIS and EventID 111 from source EXOLEDB complaining about MAPIRPC and Schema propagation you have renamed the wrong one. Do not forget that you will have to rename the offending folder before you can rename the one you want to keep.
Reported error codes:
- 0x8000ffff = "Catastrophic failure error"
From a newsgroup post: "In ESM, check to see if you see two "schemaroot" system folders. To check this, right click "Public Folders" and click "View System Folders". You can safely delete the older one. This should correct the EXOLEDB event."
From a newsgroup post: "This error can get logged when the exoledb interface tries to make a call
to the store but the databases are dismounted (as will usually happen at startup). You should then see informational events for your stores mounting and no more of the 112s. If this is what you are seeing you can ignore the errors. If you, however, continue to see the events while the dbs are mounted then you have a problem that will require further investigation."

- 0x80040e19 = "Bind failed"
From a newsgroup post: "On the exchange CD, support/utils/i386, copy the smtpreinstall.exe to the EXCHSRVR/BIN and run it."

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