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Event ID: 1123 Source: ServerAgents

Compaq System Information Agent: Compaq Health: Post Errors were detected.  One or more Power-On-Self-Test errors were detected during server startup.
Look for Event ID 24687 - CISERV - Disk Firmware. I noticed this on an aged DL380 G3 server running 8.1 of HP Foundation agents.
System Event Log ID 24687 source Source: Cissesrv should possibly correlate to EventID 1123 in situations where the HP/Compaq IML is empty. You have to love 12 year old servers that no-one wants to update with updated drivers/firmware. I was going crazy looking for root cause of this EventID 1123.
This 1123 actually occurs in HP servers only which states that some POST errors were detected during the server startup. But one can find the error message in the HP IMA LOG of the server.
Here is the article from HP explaining that it is an issue with the HP Insight Server Agents version 7.51 or earlier: “HP Support Document ID: c00724877”.
See the article "HP Support Document ID: c01198513" for information on this event.

This error is sent from the server agent to a databaselog created by HP System management. In HP System Management you can view Logs and in the Integrated management log the problem can be viewed in detail. I got this error with a memory bank that had been inserted wrong. The memory banks on DL580G3 must be put in sequential order (slot 1 then 2 and so on). After solving the problem you need to mark the item/items in the log (Integrated management log) to be solved, otherwise you will get this message until you do.
This error also can appear if the server stops responding for some reason and you hard reboot the server. You may get the error “POST Error: 1792-Drive Array Reports Valid Data Found in Array Accelerator” in the Compaq integrated management log viewer. You can ignore the error in this case.
This message is also generated when one or more disks failed while booting. Check to see if one or more of the devices failed.
The error message is due to the fact that the CIM agent detects a 1785-xx POST error (Drive array was not configured). The event error occurs if there is no drive connected to the Smart Array Controller. Once a HDD drive is connected to the Smart Array Controller and configured as a logical drive with ACU, the error will go away. The error is informational and does not functionally impair the server's performance. You can ignore it, if there are no POST errors reported and no indications of any drive access problems.

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