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Event ID: 1154 Source: ServerAdministrator

Voltage sensor detected a failure value
Sensor location: +5V
Chassis location: Main System Chassis
Previous state was: OK (Normal)
Voltage sensor value (in Volts): <value>.
I have a Dell PowerEdge 2450 Server giving the same errors. After speaking with Dell Technical Support, I found out that this problem could be caused by the version of Open Manage software being used. Since the PE2450 is an older machine and operates at lower voltages than the newer machines, if you have Open Manage version 1.8 software loaded, it will cause the system to give these invalid error messages. To verify this, run the Utility mode diagnostics, run all tests, extended, and verify that the machine passes all tests. If so, roll back the Open Manage software to the previous version (1.7) and this error should stop occurring and filling your system log.

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