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Event ID: 116 Source: W3SVC

The service metabase path "/LM/W3SVC/" could not be opened. The data is the error code.
See ME889073 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Windows XP SP2.

As per Microsoft: "This problem may occur when the MachineGUID registry key is under stress. When the MachineGUID registry key is under stress, a condition may occur where the value of the MachineGUID registry key is not read correctly by the Crypto subsystem. Because the MachineGUID value is not read correctly, the Crypto subsystem incorrectly resets the value of the MachineGUID key. Therefore, the existing IIS RSA machinekey is no longer valid, and the IIS Admin service cannot access the metabase". See ME884872 to resolve this problem.

ME234429 shows how to manually restore the metabase when no proper backup exists or when the MMC does not start.
The information we got about this message points to a corruption in the IIS metabase caused by an ungraceful shutdown (i.e. loss of power). Some users have reported that a re-install of IIS fixed this problem but not in all the cases. The "metabase" is the location of the IIS configuration parameters. For example, file and directory access permissions used by IIS 5.0 are stored in the metabase. To see at least if you can open the metabase try to use MetaEdit from the IIS Resource Kit.

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