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Event ID: 1160 Source: MsExchangeIS

Database resource failure error <error code> occurred in function <function> while accessing the database <database>.
- Error code: 0xfffffc0b - See ME316629.
- Error: "Out of memory" - As per Microsoft: "A problem in a post-Service Pack 1 hotfix to Store.exe (starting with builds 2365.0 through build 2448.7) introduced a leak in critical sections that results in the Store process eventually using up all 2 GB of virtual address space available to a user-mode process. With no virtual memory available, operations between the Information Store and Exchange Database Engine will fail". See ME216259 for details on this problem.

As per Microsoft: "This message indicates a disk space error". See MSEX2KDB for additional information about this event.
- Error code: -1011 - As per Microsoft: "This error may be reported if the Performance Optimizer is run and, in the Memory Usage properties, the value for Limit Memory Usage to <value>MB is set to something other than zero". See ME178911 for more details.
- Error: "Out of memory" - See ME195006.
- Error code: 0xfffffc0d - See ME838233 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server.
- Error: 0xfffffc0b - Another symptom is represented by mail not showing up in Outlook. Outlook will say that there are <number> messages in the box, but none are visible. I found that if PGP plug-in is installed into Outlook, then Exchange 5.5 thinks that the message is still open and therefore leaves that resource marked as, "Message Open". Regardless if the there is no mail open on the client machine. My fix for it is to uncheck the PGP plug-in check box within outlook (Tools -> Options -> Other -> Advanced Options -> Add-In Manager). Close Outlook for about 10 seconds, long enough for it to release itself from Exchange. Then reopen it. If a user wants to decrypt/encrypt they can right click the Lock icon on the task tray and select "Decrypt/encrypt current window".
See Microsoft article ME301234 link below. This article mentions Symantec not supporting NAV Enterprise running on an exchange server for file system scanning... however, the last I checked, NAV was supported BUT only if you use the appropriate exclusions.

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