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Event ID: 1162 Source: InsightHostAgents

Threshold Insight Agent: Rising Threshold Passed. SNMP MIB Variable . has value 50 >= 50. Severity: Invalid; Description: None. Refer to the compaq MIB for a definition of the variable
For a MIB variable with 12 numbers, take off the last number and you get: This is the OID (OBJECT IDENTIFIER) which refers you to the OBJECT-TYPE = cpqHoCpuUtilFiveMin which states the CPU utilization as a percentage of the theoretical maximum changed during the last five minutes. This caused the Threshold Insight Agent: Rising Thresholds to be passed for CPU #1. #1 is the number we removed to get a 12 number MIB, but it identifies which CPU.

In order to keep this from happening: Upgrade the CPU or add RAM to handle current processing loads, and/or reduce processing or change the threshold limit. The value in this example is set at 50%.

See also compaq White Paper (page 10).

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