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Event ID: 1168 Source: NTDSGeneral

Error <error code>(<hex error code>) has occurred (Internal ID <hex code>). Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services for assistance.
In my case, the symptoms were similar with those described in EV100224 and the following registry modification fixed it:

Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RpcSs
- Add a Reg_Multi_Sz with the name as DependOnService
- Add to Eventlog to the data list for DependOnService
- Error: 1032 - See WITP73919.
- Error: -1073741823 - See ME930850 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Windows Server 2003.
In my case, this event occurred while trying to add a new domain controller. I had two errors: -1073741823(c0000001) and 183(b7). Article ME232070 helped me solve the problem.
- Error: 1053(41d) - This event can be ignored if it occurred when Windows was started in Active Directory Restore mode or some other form of Safe Mode. Otherwise, investigate further.
Error 6(6)- This log entry appears after a failed attempt to move a user from one child domain to another in the same forest using the ADMT version 2.

- Error: 8352(20a0) - See ME826892.
- Error: 8430(20ee) - See ME827531.
- Error: 997(3e5) - See ME305837.
- Error: 49(31) - See ME305837.
- Error: 131174 - See ME303077.
- Error: -550 - See ME295932.
- Error: 1032 - See ME258062.
- Error: 1004(3ec) - See ME838419.
- Error: 8374(20b6) - See ME830574.

- Error: -11073741823 - See ME826927 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Windows 2000. Also, check ME298601 for additional information.
- Error: 1747(6d3) - See ME322267.
- Error: 8(8) - See ME884591 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Windows 2000.

Also, check ME240147, ME240362, ME839880, ME842394, and the link to "EventID 1168 from source Active Directory" for more details.
Error: 1712(6b0) - "The type universal unique identifier (UUID) has already been registered." See ME311874
Error 1032 - See ME265089.
Error -1811 - See ME280364.

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