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Event ID: 1168 Source: NTDSInter-site

Error <decimal error code>(<hex error code>) has occurred (Internal ID <id>). Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services for assistance.
- Error: 52(34) - See ME315182.
- Error: 997(3e5) - See ME315182.
See ME828297 for a hotfix and more information.
This event will occur if you are attempting to use Semantic Database Analysis (an NTDSUTIL.EXE feature). NTDSUTIL should never be run unless you are in Directory Services Restore mode. However, an option exists to override this safety feature. If you have enabled the override and then attempt Semantic Database Analysis, NTDSUTIL attempts to gain exclusive access to Jet database and this event is generated.
According to Microsoft Service Pack 2 is the fix these errors. These may occur because the NT Directory Service Agent (NTDSA) fails to maintain exclusive control of port 389. Therefore, any other application that attempts to setup a listener on port 389 succeeds and gains control of the port from the NTDSA. (i.e. any LDAP server).

Error code 82 (52) = The directory or file cannot be created.
Error -2146893020 (80090324) - no info
Error 997 (3e5) = Overlapped I/O operation is in progress. See ME266657 for more details.
Error 0(0) - See ME266657.
Error 53(35) - See ME266657.
Error 8430 (20ee) = "The directory service encountered an internal failure.". From a newsgroup post: This is a known issue in W2K SP4 (and some preceeding qfes), pretty harmless. Someone is trying to crack a NULL guid on your DC (likely, eventvwr trying to resolve a null guid in an audit event). It can be safely ignored.

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