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Event ID: 12052 Source: POP3Connector

POP3: An error occurred during a POP3 transaction to host <<host name> [<ip address>]>. For user <user name>. The error is <error code>.
- Error code: 10065 - This problem may occur if access to the POP3 connector is blocked by Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000. See ME888823 to resolve this problem.
Error code: 58 = "The specified server cannot perform the requested operation" - If this occurs when attempting to download email from MSN POP3 accounts see ME277890. MSN POP3 servers require Secure Password Authentication (SPA) and SPA is not supported by the Small Business Server POP3 Connector.

Error code: 86 = "The specified network password is not correct" - It may be caused by the fact that the POP3 connector is not case sensitive in regards to email addresses and this may create a problem if the remote POP3 server is case sensitive. See ME243587. Also, as per ME279985, these events may be logged for any type of unsuccessful authentication, including incorrect password, incorrect username, incorrect password and username combination, or if another session is locking the mailbox. This error may also be logged if you disable the POP3 account.
If Anonymous access on the default SMTP virtual server is turned off this may also show up. See ME325968 and ME885685.

Error code: 10060 = Connection timed out.
Error code: 10061 = Connection refused.
Error code: 10065 = No route to host. As per ME242210, this problem can occur because Microsoft Exchange Connector for POP3 Mailboxes has the POP3 server's IP address listed as the "POP3 Mail Server" for the Exchange recipients on the Users Mailboxes tab, in the POP3 Connector properties.

See the links to the Winsock error codes for details.
Error: 10065. This was encountered along with 12050 on SBS2000. Instructions in ME242210 provided no solution in my situation. The problem was ISA server was not allowing TCP 110 outbound from the SBS external interface. My solution was creating a custom packet filter in ISA, allowing TCP 110 Outbound for all external interfaces of the SBS.

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