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Event ID: 12291 Source: SQLISPackage

Package "Master_ET" failed.
One user reported that this happened for some SSIS packages scheduled for execution. It turned out that the issue was the use of mapped drives instead of UNC naming convention (\\server\share).

Another user reported that he received this error message when the cleanup task for the database backup maintance plan was pointing to the wrong disk.
From a support forum: "A good start in troubleshooting failed SQL jobs, in SSMS < right-click on the Maintenance Plans folder, and select "View History".  Ensure that "Maintenance Plan History" is checked in the upper left pane, and have a look at the detailed reason given for the maintenance plan's failure."
According to Microsoft, this indicates that the specified Integration Services package was unable to finish running and has stopped.

There are many possible causes for a package to stop running. This message might appear because of one of the following problems:
- The data sources, files, or credentials that were specified on the development computer are not available or are not valid on the computer on which the package was deployed.
- Data providers that were available on the development computer are not available on the computer on which the package was deployed. Or, data providers that were available in 32-bit versions are not available when the package is run as a 64-bit package.
- The permissions that are required by the package are not sufficient when the package is scheduled in a SQL Server Agent job.

Depending on whether the error that caused the package to stop running is unexpected, you might have to take one of the following steps:
- If the error is unexpected, review the troubleshooting suggestions for Integration Services packages. These suggestions include the use of logging and of debug dump files to learn more about what is causing the package to fail.
- If the error that caused the package to stop running is expected to occur occasionally, try one of the following options:
* Consider using an error handler to handle the error.
* Consider using checkpoints to restart the package from a specific point.
* Consider using transactions to ensure the integrity of your data.

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