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Event ID: 1233 Source: MSExchangeIS

An error occurred. Function name or description of problem: <error description> Error: <code>
- Error description: XNTSD::HrCreateSd()/XACL::HrCreateAcl(), error code: 0x80070057 - We see this whenever an Entourage user tries to add certain users to sharing permissions. The only thing these users have in common is that their display names end with I, II, III, or IV (with or without periods). Entourage appears to be interpreting them as generational suffixes (although the I is a middle initial in the cases we have encountered) and somehow munging the identifier being reported to Exchange. Error reported on the client side is "Entourage cannot modify permissions on the Exchange server. There was an error while attempting to modify permissions on the server”. The problem occurs with Entourage 2004 and 2008, and Exchange 2003 and 2007.
- Error: 0xbf69 - See ME924199.
- EcCvtDLToSecGrp Error: 0x80004005 - The error code means: "Call failed" - no additional info
- msgidLogError_NoDatabas - A serious problem, contact Microsoft Product Support Services.
- XNTSD::HrCreateSd()/XACL::HrCreateAcl() Error: 0x80070057 -  "The parameter is incorrect" - no additional info
- FindOrCreateTokenContextEx Error: 0x80040934, 0xc69 - A permissions problem. See ME291397. Error code 0x80040934 = LDAP_UNAVAILABLE (The server is unavailable.) Note, some users reported that the problem reappeared after following the steps indicated in the article. From a post: "The only fix I could find was to exmerge out my mailboxes, reinstall and then exmerge them back in."
- FindOrCreateTokenContextEx Error: 0x80040952, 0xb72 - Error code 0x80040952 = LDAP_LOCAL_ERROR (Local error occurred.) - no additional information.
- Background task :ScHasServerExpired returned error Error: 0x6a6 - no info

For other error codes see ME218185.
This problem is usually caused by issues with the DNS server, GC not being registered in DNS or the Exchange server is pointing to external DNS.

To resolve the problem, on GC from the command prompt run these commands:
- ipconfig /flushdns
- ipconfig /registerdns
- restart the NetLogon service
- restart the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant Service
- EcSetDSValuesWithGUID Error: 0x80040102 This was preceded by Event ID: 9556. Caused by erroneous attempt to assign permissions for an object to a distribution group. This warning is for information only.

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