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Event ID: 1234 Source: ClusSvc

The Cluster service account does not have the following required user rights:


These user rights were granted to the Cluster service account during cluster setup and must not be removed.

User Action

Assign these rights to the Cluster service account. One way to do this is to use Local Security Settings (Secpol.msc). Another way is to edit the Group Policy object that is associated with the Cluster service account's user object in Active Directory.

If you have already assigned these rights to the Cluster service account and the user rights appear to be removed a Group Policy object might be removing the rights. Check with your domain administrator to find out if this is happening.
Grant the privilege that is stated in the eventís description using Local Security Settings (Secpol.msc). It is required by the Cluster service. The cluster service requires the following privileges as below:
Act as part of the OS.
Adjust memory quotas for process.
Backup files & directories.
Increase scheduling priority.
Log on as service.
Restore files and directories.
Replace a process-level token.

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