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Event ID: 129 Source: HpCISSs2

Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued.
EV100612 (Event ID 129 storachi - Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued.) provides an example when a similar event (for a Dell SAS/SATA controller), was fixed by adjusting the power management settings.
From a support forum: "In my case, I traced the problem to a defective SATA cable."
Hard drive failure was causing this warning for me. I had system halt everytime warning occured.
System management homepage told hard read errors in one of the drives. After replacing the drive, the warnings disappeared.
This may be due to incorrect SCSI termination.
The event ID 129 can be reported from several storport drivers. Event ID 129 is actually a Microsoft port driver event detecting an I/O timeout or a delay in the response with its target devices. It is not a QLogic, HP or Emulex error and it does not indicate that the HBA or HBA driver is at fault. This issue has been found usually as a result of a bad switch cable connection to a storage. This caused a high latency period in access to LUNs, and thus, caused delays in I/O to the point where Exchange could fail. We have also seen similar instances of the Event ID 129 affecting SQL and Oracle applications on the storage. From past cases, the problem can be caused by the switch port itself/Gbic, cable seating on the storage array or the switch, or possible Gbic on the storage array.

I got this error in my event viewer every 30 seconds. Sometime these two errors are found in the event viewer as well:

Source: disk
Event ID: 11
Description: The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk0.

Source: Cissesrv
Event ID: 24800
Description: Logical drive 1 configured on array controller [Embedded] returned a fatal error during a read/write request from/to the volume.
The fatal error details are as follows: logical block  address 171f3f8, block count 128, command 30, drive bus 1 and drive bay 1.

Logged a case with HP and they asked me to run the Array Diagnostic Utility. After running the tool (no downtime is required), the report show this:

SLOT 0 Smart Array E200i Controller ERROR REPORT:
   Array accelerator status:
      Valid data found at reset
      Hardware Problem detected with Cache board.
      Please replace Cache board.

So, it confims that this is due to hardware error on the Cache board and HP is going to replace it for me.
According to HP, Event ID 129 can safely be ignored if Windows 2003 SP1 is installed. See the link to "HP Support Document - System Event Log May Display Warning Event IDs 56, 118, or 129 After Installing Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP1" for more details.
See the link to "HP Support Document" for a possible cause.

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