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Event ID: 13 Source: nv

GR SW Notify Error on 0001 d3d09701 00000597 00001e5c 0008c288 00000002
From newsgroup posts:
- "You might want to check in your Motherboard BIOS. See if you are
overclocking your Main RAM or other overclocking (AGP). Try setting your BIOS to the defaults or "Optimized" defaults if that is available on your M/B."
- "I solved this problem by setting the AGP settings back to conservative"
- "I had exactly the same message on a gainward ti4200-x8 card. Found that the video and a Adaptec scsi controller were sharing the same interrupt. Removed the scsi card. Reboot. Re-run via chipset stuff, Reinstall nvidia 40.72 drivers. Shutdown and re-install scsi card. All OK now."
- "System specs, the Siluro card, ABIT KR7A mobo, Athlon Xp 1600+, 384MB DDR RAM. - Updated to the latest VIA Hyperion chipset drivers, fixed it."
- "I solved the problem by updating the nVidia video drivers"
- "Try disabling power management.  This worked for me."

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