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Event ID: 1306 Source: ServerAdministrator

Redundancy lost
Redundancy Unit: <unit>
Chassis loaction: Main System Chassis
Previous Redundancy State was: <state>
Number of devices required for full redundancy: <value>.
I have encountered this error on a Dell PowerEdge 6450. This note is from Dell's Support Site: "Redundancy means that a system chassis has more than one of certain critical components. Fans and power supplies, for example, are so important for preventing damage or disruption of a computer system that a chassis may have "extra" fans or power supplies installed. Redundancy allows a second or nth fan to keep the chassis components at a safe temperature when the primary fan has failed. Redundancy is normal when the intended number of critical components are operating. Redundancy is degraded when a component fails but others are still operating. Redundancy is lost when the number of components functioning falls below the redundancy threshold. A redundancy sensor in the specified system detected that one of the components in the redundant unit has been disconnected, has failed, or is not present. The redundancy unit location, chassis location, previous redundancy state, and the number of devices required for full redundancy are provided".

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