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Event ID: 1313 Source: NTDSKCC

The current registry configuration parameter is set too low and will be ignored.

Registry configuration parameter:
RepsTo Failure Time (sec)
Current value:
Lowest value:

The lowest value will be used instead.
I received this event on Windows Server 2003 while working through ME938704 to fix recurring NTDS Replication event id 1411. To replicate, create a DWORD value "RepsTo Failure Time (sec)" in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NTDS\Parameters. This registry value sets the time after which the Knowledge Consistency Checker will remove unavailable DS replication partners from the RespTo list. This stops ADS trying to replicate to offline machines. During the process described in ME938704, this setting is needed in order to force KCC to clean up missing machines. And because creating a new DWORD defaults its value to 0, this event gets generated. So long as you remember to change the value to some number other than 0 (ME938704 sets it to 60) it should be fixed. Or you can just delete the registry value.

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