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Event ID: 13508 Source: FRS

The File Replication Service is having trouble enabling replication from <server> to <server> for <path> using the DNS name <name>. FRS will keep retrying.
Following are some of the reasons you would see this warning.

[1] FRS can not correctly resolve the DNS name <name> from this computer.
[2] FRS is not running on <name>.
[3] The topology information in the Active Directory for this replica has not yet replicated to all the Domain Controllers.

This event log message will appear once per connection, After the problem is fixed you will see another event log message indicating that the connection has been established.
See also the link to "EventID 13508 from source NtFrs" for comments about an almost identical type of problem.
This problem can be caused by multiple reverse lookup addresses for the server name.
I had event 13508 and was having problems with replication between source and target. The orphaned folder started with the same name as the original but was auto-appended with a GUID like name to the end. The target had both the original folder and the one it came into conflict.
After beating my head against the wall and looking at the suspect files with Group Policy Management tool (GPMC – invaluable tool, a must download free tool from Microsoft) I went into the “Frs-Staging” folder on the failed target machine. Inside were the annoying conflicts. I deleted all the files and then restarted the File Replication Service on both machines. Replication started working again. I checked the original folder to see if there was any data that needed to be copied to the orphan folder that was now replicating and then deleted the original folder. Lastly, I renamed the orphan folder to its original name and the problem was solved.
As per Microsoft: "This message informs you that the File Replication service (FRS) cannot complete the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) connection to a specific replication partner because FRS cannot enable replication with that partner. FRS will continue trying to complete the connection". See MSW2KDB for more information on this event.

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