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Event ID: 1393 Source: NTDSGeneral

Attempts to update the Directory Service database are failing with error 112. Since Windows will be unable to log on users while this condition persists, the NetLogon service is being paused. Check to make sure that adequate free disk space is available on the drives where the directory database and log files reside.
As per Microsoft: "Active Directory cannot start if it runs out of disk space. Windows 2000 attempts to avoid this situation, but it can occur if you ignore warnings about low disk space in the System log or if you run large scripts against Active Directory for mass directory imports". See ME259278 for more details.
You are running low on disk space or you have performed mass directory imports.
Make sure that you don't have old EDBxxxxx.log. files left over from NTBackup.
NOTE: Upgrading to Service Pack 2 will prevent NTBackup from leaving EDBxxxxx.log files.
To workaround this issue:
1. Press OK so that the computer will restart.
2. Press F8 when the Boot menu appears.
3. Boot to Directory Services Restore mode and log on with the Directory Services Restore mode administrator account and password (assigned during DCPromo).
4. Locate the drive containing the directory and log files, generally the NTDS folder of %SystemRoot%.
5. Delete any old EDBxxxxx.log files.
6. Free any other space on the drive that you can.
7. Restart the computer.

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