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Event ID: 14104 Source: WindowsMediaPlayerNetworkSharingService

The Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service cannot process the request for URI " /e0RFRUJCMzQwLUVEMTQtNEMwMy1CMkFELTEwRTlFMTg5NDQ4Qn0uMC4xMEYxNUMxNw.mp3formatID=26" from IP address "" due to error "0xc00d1906".
Different error codes can be recorded with this event:
- Error code 0x80070043
- Error code 0xc00d1906

The troubleshooting should be approached with the error code in mind as different error codes mean a different type of problem.

From a support forum: I play movie files (.mod files) on WIndows Media Player from my Windows 7 Ultimate. After a few minutes of watching video files my computer would lock up.  Windows Media Player worked well with all other aspects -burning, music, etc.. Just watching videos (.mod files) seemed to cause lockups. In the event logs I found this message (event id 14104) with Error code 0x80070043. I think I found out what triggers it. I was disabling Yahoo Messenger (v 8) to put in the newest version 10. Well, I disabled it and deleted it and by accident found out that now the videos are working just fine. I finally installed Yahoo Messenger (v 10) and the lockups came back! Every time I played a .mod video, the machine would lock up after about 5 seconds or so. So, I uninstalled Yahoo messenger and tried to play some videos and again no problems. I want to state that when WMP 12 was locking up, I did not have my Yahoo Messenger application running. So I am guessing that Yahoo Messenger and WMP 12 must share some file -maybe some .dll file somewhere that causes this lockup.

If you are having problems with lockups on WMP 12, I suggest you disable Yahoo Messenger (even if you have it on and never run it). When Windows Media Player 12 was locking up on me, I was not using Yahoo Messenger but it still failed.  Now, without Yahoo Messenger running WMP 12 works just fine."

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