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Event ID: 15 Source: RemovableStorageService

RSM cannot manage library <device name>. The database is corrupt.
From a support forum: "This will occur if you are running Backup Exec and you have Removable Storage running. Backup Exec has control of the tape device and RSM is attempting to do the same. If you stop and disable Removable Storage in the services panel you will not see this error again."
EV100132 (Symantec Article TECH57952) describes the solution for fixing this problem when Backup Exec is used for backups. ME235032 describes the steps to manually restore your Removable Storage database.
As per MSW2KDB, the Removable Storage service did not detect a valid media library. This could be caused by a transient error in the library when the service queried the removable storage device properties.

As per Microsoft: "This problem occurs only if Removable Storage is running when the USB device is attached. The problem occurs because the Disk class driver, Disk.sys, requests mode page 0x00. However, because mode page 0x00 is an undefined page, an error occurs". See ME875527 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

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