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Event ID: 15102 Source: MicrosoftISAServerControl

ISA Server detected an Internet Protocol (IP) half-scan attack from IP address %1. For more information about this event, see ISA Server Help.
I have installed the Blockattacker script from ISA Tools but it generates an error when I run it, actually 3 errors: 15102, 11005, and 14065. I just fixed this problem. First off, the “.vbs” script should be run under the local system account. Next, you have 2 choices:
1. Place double quotes around the folder path to the script in the intrusion detected alert or,
2. Place the “.vbs” script should be in a folder path that doesn't have any spaces.
If you notice from the second error message, it is trying to execute a dos command pointing to a folder path with spaces. This will not work in dos without quotes surrounding the entire path. It took me a while to figure this out. The script works like a champ though now.
As per Microsoft:
Explanation: An Internet Protocol (IP) half-scan attack was attempted against a computer protected by ISA Server. This alert occurs when an unexpected Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) packet with a particular flag (for example, Fin, Ack, All, None) is detected.
User Action: If logging for dropped packets has been set, you can view details of this attack in the packet filter log in the ISALogs folder, which is located under the ISA Server installation folder. You can use this log to monitor intruder activity. Steps against intruder activity include setting up a packet filter or policy rules to inhibit traffic from the source of the intrusion.

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