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Event ID: 17 Source: RemovableStorageService

RSM cannot manage library <storage device name>. It encountered an unspecified error. This can be caused by a number of problems including, but not limited to, database corruption, failure communicating with the library, or insufficient system resources.
This can be caused by faulty hardware, improper hardware configuration (i.e. SCSI terminators), corrupted or bugs in device drivers.
As per Veritas Document ID 231941, this issue may be related to the Removable Storage database being damaged or corrupted. See the link for more details. ME235032 provides information on problems with a damaged Removable Storage Manager database."
This issue can be caused by a code problem in the Disk.sys disk driver. See ME823084 for additional information about this issue and for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Windows 2000.
This problem can be caused by the corruption of the database. The database is located in “%systemroot%\System32\NtmsData”, so the solution could be restoring the corrupted files or configuring the database again. The configuration could be manual as described in the link to “Removable Storage and Backup”, or alternatively, if the devices can be discovered automatically, stopping the service, deleting the files in this directory (first backup them), and starting the service (the Plug&Play will do the rest).
If the Removable Storage device is a Benchmark DLT1/VS80 try cleaning it. When “dirty”, these devices behave as if they are defective (they will not do anything) until they are cleaned. If you are using Backup Exec with this device, it might report that the drive is defective and needs to be replaced.

If the Removable Storage device does not work after it is removed and reinserted, then see ME818826 for a hotfix.
I get this error when I unplug my USB 2.0 case which contains a LG4020 and then replug it. The DVDRAM subpart of the drive works OK, but the CD/DVD subpart tosses a 17. When I reboot, I can plug in again with full functionality .. once. After that, again DVD-RAM only.
From a newsgroup post: "I have a Sony DSC-P50, I'm running Windows 98 and I also had a memory stick problem. After countless driver re-installations and time on the phone with both Sony and Dell, here is what I know: there are 2 separate drivers that you need to get pictures from the memory stick to the computer via the camera, one for the Memory stick (called Mass Storage Class driver) and one for the camera itself (called Sony DSC). It used to work but then for an unknown reason one decided to stop working and all I did wouldn't fix it".
Error message occurs every time slot 4 is used in a Sony DAT medium changer TSL11000 with software Back Again II from CDS. Event 17 appears to be a message about hardware failure in this case.
This event was generated on a Proliant DL580 (with two SCSI attached TL891DLX robots and two Fibre attached MSL50xx series robots) after upgrading from Backup Exec 8.6 build 3808 to build 3878 and then applying driver patch "bnt86idrv34_250034". The server wouldn’t shutdown either and the only resolution seemed to be to power it off and re-instate the original disk drives from build 3808 (glad I kept the mirrored disks before starting).
Our Dell 2450 DAT4 tape drive won't eject the tapes anymore. I shutdown all the backupExec services and push the eject button for 15-20 sec. Then I restart the Removable Storage Service and the message was gone.
This error is also occurring when pointing to a removable Flash Memory device.
I got the error message after I rebooted the server once I had replaced a faulty dlt7000 with a hp dlt vs80, both external. I fixed it by reinstalling BackupExec and choosing the option to keep the current removable storage settings and use the veritas tape device drivers.
Remember to switch ON your external device before starting a backup.

I tried to upgrade Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.6 to 8.0 on Windows 2000 Server SP2+SRP, Backup Exec NT/2000 8.6 and a Seagate ST3401 (Travan ATAPI) tape drive. The System event log started getting these errors at the rate of about three per hour, even though Backup Exec wasn't running at the time (although the services were started). The errors stopped after I finished rolling back Norton AntiVirus to 7.6. From what I've observed, NAVCE 8.0 tinkers with various aspects of Backup Exec during installation (service account info, etc.).
This error can be caused when having backup software called TapeWare. If you prefer to use TapeWare disable the Removable Storage Service and this error should be gone.

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