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Event ID: 17055 Source: MSSQLServer

17066: SQL Server Assertion: File: <umsio.cpp>, line=563 Failed Assertion = 'm_busyCnt == 1'.
As per Microsoft, this is a problem in MS SQL 7.0 fixed with the latest service pack. See ME240853.
There is hotfix described in ME914298. From a newsgroup post: "As KB914298 described, you can workaround this issue by using either the Bulk-Copy program or Data Transformation Service (DTS) to
import the data.

Based on my experience, this issue seems to be a data corruption. According to your situation, we can first attempt to install the hotfix ME914298 and also run the "DBCC CheckDB" to do the database check.

For current situation, my suggestion is:
1. Install the Hotfix KB914298
2. Use "DBCC CheckDB" command to check the allocation and structural integrity of all the objects in the database. I suggest you check all databases."
The SQL Server 2000 Enterprise was already patched with SP3a. This error was produced by a strange index corruption in one table of a big database (> 32GB). Recreating the affected table and indexes seems to fix this issue.

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