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Event ID: 17063 Source: MSSQLSERVER

Error: <SQL message number> Severity: <severity> State: <state> <error description>
This event is recorded by SQL in a wide variety of error conditions. The event description contains the details about the error and the corresponding SQL message numbers.

SQL message numbers
- 0-49000 - SQL internal numbers
- 50000 - Recorded when the SQL code is using the RAISERROR method to record and error message. See EV100264 (Write event log with T-sql) for details.
- 50001+ - Custom numbers (user defined)

Severity levels:
- 0-10 - Informational or warning
- 11-16 - Programming errors in user SQL code
- 17-25 - SQL resource problems

- 0 - 127 Specific to the error message, not documented, not used in troubleshooting.

Based in the information above, the message numbers are useful only if their value is under 50000 (such as 547).

The error description recorded in the event is in most cases the best indication of the problem.


- BACKUP LOG cannot be performed because there is no current database backup. - If backup is not configured for the database, the SQL command BACKUP LOG cannot execute. Configure a backup location before using the command.

- Error occured while starting SQL Server Agent. Error code: 22003 - SQL tried to initiate the SQL Server Agent with a command such as

EXEC xp_servicecontrol N'start', N'SQLServerAGENT'

but the service failed to start. The command should return the error code from the service itself and that would provide additional clues. The 22003 simply indicates that the service returned an error code (not recorded in this event).

- Please take action. The size of BizTalkMsgBoxDbProd exceeds the allowable scope 1024 MB Current MessageBox Size:1345 MB. Server Name:<server name>. - This message is a custom SQL error initiated by Microsoft BizTalk Server when it detects that the size of a mailbox exceeds 1024 MB. Again, this is a custom error recorded by an application other than SQL (BizTalk) so the troubleshooting should concentrate on it.

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