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Event ID: 19019 Source: MSSQLSERVER

[sqsrvres] StartResourceService: Failed to start MSSQLSERVER service. CurrentState: 1
I saw this issue on a cluster. The cluster account was changed and the SQL DBA did not update the Security login account. Open MS SQL Server Management Studio go to Security go to logins...  Make sure your account is listed in the Logins. Go to properties of the account. Check the account server roles. Check the account status.
I received this error message after I disabled Named Pipes on my default instance of SQL 2005. We are using non-default ports for our SQL instances and I never created an alias for this instance. When I went to bring the SQL services online, it failed and generated this event. I was able to resolve this issue by creating an alias with the port number for the instance.
I received this error after incorrectly editing the startup parameters for the SQL service. The unique situation, however, was that I was on a cluster. So after removing the incorrect startup parameters, the error would continue because the bad parameters would continue to get added in on service startup. I came across ME912397, which gives instructions on how to remove the checking of registry entries by the cluster service. In my case, I ran "cluster res "SQL Server" /removecheck:"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQLServer". This allowed me to remove the incorrect entries and start the SQL server normally. Other events that were involved in the chain include 17207 and 17204 from the same source. I added the checking of the registry back as described in ME912397 once the error was corrected.

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