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Event ID: 2 Source: MicrosoftProjectServerTracingEventlogProvider

component: <component name>
File: <file path>
Line: <value>
Error Number: <error code>
Description: <description>
- Error code: 0x80040e2f - This event occurs when you try to save and to publish a project plan that contains a task that has many interruptions. (This kind of task is known as a split task.) However, the project plan is not published. See ME896103 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Office Project Server 2003.
- Error code: 0x8c040017 - This issue may occur if the Project Managers group is not configured with the correct permissions to create resource accounts. See ME843088 for details on this issue.
- Error code: 0x80040e4d - This behavior occurs if you moved the Microsoft Project Server database to a new server or to a new instance of SQL Server and the connection settings for the existing data source name (DSN) on the server are not updated to use the new location of the database. See ME840464 for information on solving this problem.

See ME838882 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Office Project Server 2003.

This event can occur if you try to deactivate a user in Project Server 2003 or the synchronization operation does not successfully update the AD GUID for a user. See ME836542 to solve this problem.

See ME555848, ME906429 and ME922393 for additional information on this event.
- Error code: 0x80040e14 - See ME889500.
- Error code: 0x80004005 - See ME888639 and ME893622.

See ME837241 for further information on this event.
- Error code: 0x80040213 = "The transport failed to connect to the server" - This error can appear if there are wrong (outdated) settings in “Notifications and reminders” which prohibit the e-mail reminder service from connecting to the SMTP mail server and send e-mail. Another possibility is that the specified SMTP server is not running or cannot be contacted for some reason.
I received this error related to the MSXML 3.0 Parser failing. The issue was that SharePoint sites were not being automatically created when a project was published from Project Professional. To resolve this issue I downloaded and installed the MSXML 4.0 SP2 Parser on all project server systems.
This event appears when attempting to synchronize between Active Directory and Microsoft Project Server 2003. Microsoft PSS have confirmed that Project Server 2003 does not support synchronizing with built-in Active Directory groups, such as Domain Users. Instead, try to synchronize with a group that you have created specifically for this purpose. There is a hotfix to solve this issue, but I found that applying Service Pack 1 (SP1) fixes this and other issues.

Description: "Assert Detected. The error code was also included." The component can be: "PjQuery", "PjMsgHlr", "PjSvrNPE". - From a newsgroup post: "This error can occur when trying to publish using MS Project Standard 2002  having logged into the domain used by the MS Project Server. Make sure that the check box for Allow only Microsoft Project Professional to publish to this server is not checked. This can be found in Admin -> Manage enterprise features when logged to Project Web Access."

If you can not logon to Microsoft Project Web Access see ME324835 link below.

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