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Event ID: 20 Source: afamgt

\Device\AFA0 : <device ID>; <description>
Various message descriptions reported:
ID(1:04:0); Aborted command [command:0x28]
ID(1:04:0); Starting BBR sequence
ID(1:04:0); Unexpected Bus Free [command:0x28]
ID(1:04:0); Error Event [command:0x28]
ID(1:04:0); Medium Error [k:0x3, c:0x11, q:0x2]
ID(1:04:0); Error Too Long To Correct
ID(0:00:0); Write Error
ID(0:00:0); Error Event(command:0x2a)
ID(0:00:0);Medium Error (k:0x3, c:0xc, q:0x3)
ID(0:01:0) Timeout detected on cmd[0x2a]
No additional information is available for these errors.
From a Dell newsgroup post: "The event occurred on a PowerEdge Server 1650 connected to a Power Vault 112 T with two Phyton 06408-XXX. The following 3 distinct descriptions appeared:
ID(1:06:0); Filemark Detected
ID(1:06:0); No Sense [k:0x0, c:0x0, q:0x1]
ID(1:06:0); Error Event [command:0x8]"
A Dell moderator suggested that the event appeared because the Tape Backup Devices were connected to the Perc 3/di raid controller which was not a supported configuration. The Tape Backup Device should be connected to an Adaptec 39160 or the second channel of the onboard controller should be configured as Scsi. This configuration can be changed in the System BIOS on Integrated Devices screen.

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