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Event ID: 2000 Source: LoadPerf

No object list was found in the installation file. Adding an object list to the installation file will improve performance of the system when measuring performance counters.
According to Microsoft: "This warning is benign and does not affect the performance or operation of Mobile Information Server. You can safely ignore it. It is related to the way that Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) expects the performance counters to be listed. The counters are still added and function normally, but the WMI interface has to enumerate them fully during the installation, which results in this warning.". See ME283038 for more details.

You can also receive this warning when you install the Microsoft .NET Framework.
If you just promoted this server to a DC, you can safely ignore this error. It won't be logged after the next reboot. This error is often logged together with EventID 1000 from source Userenv, which (in this case) can also be ignored.
Received this warning along with event 3001 from source LoadPerf, and event 3009 from source LoadPerf. In addition, event 1476 from source NTDS General was showing up in System Log. The source of the problem ended up being with NTDS Performance Counters. Once the procedure in ME300956 was followed and the counters were rebuilt, all four errors disappeared.

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