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Event ID: 2000 Source: MSExchangeISMailbox

Verify that the Microsoft Exchange MTA service has started. Consecutive ma-open calls are failing with error 3051.
If it is a SBS2003 installation with no other Exchange server (or at least not 5.5), then the "Microsoft Exchange MTA Stacks" service should remain disabled, as Marina said. In my case, the problem was caused by a couple of missing values on the registry: "Gateway In Threads" and "Gateway Out Threads". This probably happened because I restored the Exchange information stores from another server. See ME810489 for information on how to disable the MTA Stacks service.
The MTA service is by default disabled on SBS 2003 and is only needed if there is an Exchange server 5.5 hanging around. So this service should be set to disabled.
I was having the same issue on our brand new SBS 2003 server. After checking the status of the MTA service, I discovered that the service was disabled. I enabled the service, set it to automatic, and manually started it. The error has never reappeared.
See the link to "EventID 2000 from source MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store" for details on this event.
This could happen when the free space of the drive where Exchange is installed is very low. Free some space, delete temporaryfFiles or move the Exchange databases to another partition with enough free space.

The event occurred on our server do to the fact that we were out of hard drive space on the drive that the MTA service resided. We are using Exchange Pop3 and one of the new features has a Scan directory which copies all sent and received email attachments to it for the virus program to review. Once the virus software reviews the files it should delete them. Our virus program was not deleting them so they just kept accumulating till the hard drive was full.
The Exchange MTA service is NOT started, nor will start up. Attempting to to start the MTA results in the following message:

Could not start the Microsoft Exchange MTA Stacks service on Local computer. The service did not return an error. This could be an internalWindows error or an internal service error.

No Event Log message recorded. Already uninstalled and reinstalled IIS and Microsoft Exchange. Applied Win2k SP2 and Exchange 2k SP1. Still no fix. Microsoft has not been able to resolve this issue as of 7/23/01 case# SRX010702602966.

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