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Event ID: 2002 Source: PerfProc

Unable to open the job object Winlogon Job 0-6e5efdb for query access. The calling process may not have permission to open this job. The status returned is data DWORD 0
I got this error when I tried to do a IISRESET /RESTART command in a terminal session. The result was that every website I tried to access on the machine gave an error. I solved this problem by sending the IISRESET command via the IIS administrator on my remote machine and not in a terminal session.
From newsgroup posts it results that usually this occurs when an attempt is made to open an administration interface through MMC. This could be for Active Directory administration, FrontPage and others. There were also reports that resource-intensive applications may cause the same type of problems as well as web-based applications (I.e. Web Outlook). It appears that some of the performance-related dlls are corrupted. PerfProc.dll itself has not changed with SP1 or SP2 so this message is just a side effect of the problem itself. Also, this problem is not related to permissions (even though it is one of the suggestions in the description of the event). Several users have tried giving "God" rights to the application generating this problem with no success. I would reapply the latest service pack just in case and also use the troubleshooting suggestions from ME266416.
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem with Windows 2000 Pro, Server and Advanced Server, regardless of whether you've installed SP1 or SP2. There's a hotfix available, however, you have to call PSS to get it. Microsoft recommends waiting for the next service pack which will address this issue. See ME306887.

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