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Event ID: 20074 Source: RemoteAccess

Point to Point Protocol engine was unable to load the <module name> module.
As of 13 August, 2003 Microsoft released an updated version of the hotfix ME823803. If you apply this updated patch RAS and RRAS will start properly.
Same thing happened to me, once on SBS 4.5, once on an NT4 server running Exchange 5.5 ever since the "OMG" security update. Both machines have 2 NICís, one LAN one WAN. Apparently 823803 was right before the OMG (823980) patch so if you havenít updated in a while, when you use RAS and you run all the updates from Windows update this can happen. But lucky for me the uninstall procedure found in ME823803 worked both times and is much easier than the recovery console. Just donít place the colon after the /y.
The symptom was that the Remote Access Service would not start on a Microsoft Small Business Server SBS 4.5. Remote users were unable to connect through VPN and Outlook Web Access was not working. Error occured after installing Microsoft Hotfix ME823803. Hotfix ME823803 updates the kernel32.dll in the c:\winnt\system32.
I fixed this by replacing kernel32.dll with the kernel32.dll from the Service Pack 6A. Since the Kernel32.dll is in use I had to copy the file to the c:\winnt\system32\ I then booted from a Windows 2000 Professional CD, selected repair and the console (command prompt). From the NT Console I was able to rename kernel32.dll to kernel32.old and rename to kernel32.dll.  Rebooted the server and the problem was fixed.
From a newsgroup post: "After applying the ME823803 Hotfix RAS won't start up any longer. The kernel32.dll in Hotfix 823803 seems to have a glitch. I uninstalled the Hotfix and RAS started up again. To me the deinstallation order seems to be important, since backup copies will be made during hotfix patch.
Hint1: Deinstall in the opposite install order - newest installation first.
Hint2: Take a look at the hotfixes. The kernel32.dll I am using is created 11/19/99 12:06:00, modified 07/16/2001 12:05:00 and has a file size of 391.952 Bytes. Unfortunately the version
number is 4.00 every time.
Hint3: Kernel32.dll has also been replaced by ME299444 and ME301625."

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