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Event ID: 2009 Source: Srv

The server could not expand a table because the table reached the maximum size.
You can receive this event if you are running Fortres 101 version 4.0, build 354. See "Plato Support Article 25365" for details.
See ME321364 to fix this problem.

See the link to "EventID 2009 from source NCP Server" for more details on this event.
Apparently, a client opened too many files or had too many active directory searches on the server. The client should either close some files or limit the number of simultaneous directory searches on the server. See ME165815 for a general approach on troubleshooting this error. This behavior can also occur if a third-party program has leaked memory and/or resources (see ME172222).

As per ME317919, this issue can occur if the Windows 2000-based client has a Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 900-series printer installed and is connected to a shared printer on the print server. An issue with the DeskJet 900-series printer drivers causes the client to open thousands of opened named pipes to the server which overwhelms the Windows NT 4.0-based server and causes the server to hang and log event ID 2009s. The fix is to install the latest drivers for the DeskJet 900-series printer.

The IIS FTP service may also cause this error. The ME307788 article says that when IIS connects to a remote server, it uses the server message block (SMB) protocol and connects to the server service that is running on that computer. Another process that is running on the computer may also have open file handles for the files that are being transferred to the remote server. When the total number of open file handles reaches 2048, the server process returns an error to the connecting IIS FTP service.

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