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Event ID: 20106 Source: RemoteAccess

Unable to add the interface Internal with the Router Manager for the IP protocol. The following error occurred: The parameter is incorrect. Data: 0000: 57 00 00 00
In my case, I had the 1394 adapter automatically added to the ip routing section. Clearly it should not have been there. After removing it, the problem was solved.
Possible causes include:
1.The interface type is not dedicated
2.The loopback and router is configured in Lanonly mode
3.There is not enough memory.
See MSW2KDB for additional information about this event.
I had the same problem on Windows 2003. It turned out to be caused by the internal 1394 card. I disabled it and the error ceased to reappear.
As per Microsoft: "To resolve this behavior, see whether the relevant RRAS server is configured only for local area network (LAN) routing. If the server is configured only for LAN routing, you can ignore the event. In LAN-only mode, the IP Router Manager does not accept the internal interface because the internal interface is used to govern the behavior of wide area network (WAN) interfaces that dial in to the network." See ME308802
Here is what I did to resolve this issue on my Windows 2000 Server:
Go to Start -> Run
Expand 'IP Routing' Click on 'Network Address Translation (NAT)' You'll see an interface called 'Internal' Right-Click on it and remove it.
Right-Click on the server name and select 'All Tasks'
Restart. This way it will restart all Routing Services and that's it.

comment for the suggestion above: "You do not have to remove the internal interface on NAT. In fact, if you do NAT will no longer function. Enable the router check box as stated on the first suggestion. If you do not have a certificate, disable the l2tp lan miniports on the remote access to avoid the 20192."
From a newsgroup post: "I am using a Windows 2000 Server for routing and it is also set up with RRAS to allow online updating from the Microsoft site. One of the NIC cards must first be disabled to allow communication through the Browser. At first, event ID 20106 was appearing in the Event Log. As the Knowledge Base contains no reference to 20106, I ran rrasmgmt.msc in the MMC Console and looked at the "General" tab under "Properties" for the local Server (router). I set the "Router" check box on and also set "Local area network (LAN) routing only" as the selected option. I also set the "Remote access server" check box on. These settings seemed to be the logical options to select. The 20106 event id was now gone, but the warning event ID 20192 appears in the Event Viewer. This is not a problem as the Knowledge Base contains the 20192 (ME245476) and describes the method to eliminate the Warning if you cannot stand seeing the Message."

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