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Event ID: 20159 Source: RemoteAccess

The connection to <connection name> made by user <user name> using device <com port> was disconnected.
A Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) connection was disconnected. Possible causes include normal user-initiated disconnection or a hardware error. See MSW2KDB for more details.
The description may contain an odd repetition of the username. That seems to be a bug, though I haven't find it documented anywhere. The symptoms are similar to everyone, it seems. When using a connection to DSL using VPN it is disconnected every 5, 10 or so minutes of inactivity. The setting of "Disconnect if idle" of Internet Explorer is not set. The resolution in my case was showing the LAN adapter in the taskbar as well. I know this sounds odd, and I haven't seen any documentation about it anywhere on the net or in newsgroups, but it works.
This event is normal and occurs every time a PPP or PPTP connection (client side) was disconnected. For PPTP is like this: "The connection to <ConnectionName> PPTP made by user <UserName> using device VPN3-4 was disconnected".
If description is: The connection to The Internet (2) made by user User Name using device IRDA7-1 was disconnected. Then this is AOL (maybe AOLIM also). It appears when you access AOL through your
LAN (maybe even a dial up to another ISP).

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