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Event ID: 20216 Source: BlackberryMessagingAgent

{<username>@<domain>} Synchronize() failed: ERR_FAIL Tag=<code>.
The CDO.DLL file is responsible for allowing one-way synchronization of calendar items from the BlackBerry  Smartphone to the Exchange server. When this file is affected by any kind of corruption including preferences modifications move or any kind of manipulation then the services offered by this file get unregistered from the Windows system. This is not common and normally all system files receive extra-protection from Windows but items such as anti-virus can manipulate these files when doing system scans resulting in the issues described above. Also when updating Windows components on your local system make sure that you test your environment to ensure that there is no modifications to the Windows messaging subsystem installed on your BES (MAPI and CDO components). See EV100018 for more information.
Further examination of Blackberry log files indicated that Calendar items were not synchronizing over wireless. It turned out that the BES admin account needed Send As, Receive As, and Administer information Store permissions in three locations (server, mailbox store, and pubic folder store). Refer to BlackBerry Support articles listed in EV100016 and EV100017 for more details.

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