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Event ID: 2024 Source: MSExchangeAdmin

An error was encountered by the knowledge consistency checker on server "<server name>". <<error code> <error description> Close some applications or windows, and try again.>>
See MSEX2K3DB for information about this event.
- Error: 0xc1030b1e - The knowledge consistency check did not correct directory inconsistencies - From a newsgroup post: "The event indicates that at least one naming context has a reps-to attribute that refers to a non-existent server. There are three possible workarounds:
1) Build a temporary Exchange server with the name listed in the reps-to attribute.
2) Use the chkds utility (version 5.5.2655.25 or later). Obtain this utility from Microsoft PSS.
3) Rebuild the server in question, thereby rebuilding the damaged directory.
The reps-to attribute lists the servers in the site to which the naming context is replicated. In other words, the reps-to attribute lists all the other servers in the site. An invalid entry is an entry that lists a server that no longer exists. The reps-to attribute of a naming context is viewable in Exchange Admin program using raw mode.
1) Hold down the shift key and bring up the properties of the naming context.
2) Choose Reps-To from the list of properties.
3) Click Viewer.
4) Choose Replica link and click OK.
5) The server is shown in the Other DRA field.
The five naming contexts are Schema, Organization, Site, Configuration, and Address Book Views".
Error 0xc10306a7 - The available memory is not sufficient. The Knowledge Consistency Checker in the Exchange Server 5.5 Administrator program is not the same site Knowledge Consistency Checker that is used in Exchange 2000. The application programming interface (API) for the site Knowledge Consistency Checker is not the same as the Exchange Server 5.5 Administrator program Knowledge Consistency Checker; therefore, you cannot use the Exchange Server 5.5 Administrator program to initiate a knowledge consistency check.

This behavior is by design. There is no longer a Knowledge Consistency Checker in the user interface (UI) in Exchange 2000. This is replaced by the site Knowledge Consistency Checker, which is not exposed in the UI.
Error 0xc1030b0d - An internal error has occurred during directory replication. See ME201164.

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