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Event ID: 204 Source: WAM

The HTTP server encountered an unhandled exception while processing the ISAPI Application ' foxisapi + 0x1EC7 + 0x881BCE7B '.
See ME821426 for a hotfix applicable to "Microsoft Internet Information Services 5.0".
Suggested fixes posted on Usenet:
1. Stop web service
2. Unregistered asp.dll
3. Under "Application Settings" on the "Home Directory" tab, clicked the "Remove" button
4. Register asp.dll
5. Click the "Create" button in "Application Settings"
6. Click the "Configuration" button
7. On the "App Options" tab I changed the ASP script timeout to something really low (I set it to 10)
8. OK everything and when I loaded an ASP in the browser it worked like a charm!

1. - control panel --> administrative tools --> component services
2. - expand the tree component services --> computers --> my computer --> com + applications
3. - right click on iis out-of-process pooled applications and select the properties
4. - click on the "identity" tab
5. - select "interactive user - the current logged on user"
6. - click "ok"

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