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Event ID: 2061 Source: MSExchangeDSAccess

- Error code: 80040957 - From a newsgroup post: "I have this exact problem and there seems to be no fix. What I have done is manually entered the GCs into the Exchange Server. To do this, open ESM and drilldown to your server, and open the properties. Click the Directory Access, under the Show header, click the down arrow and you will see three options: Configuration Domain Controller, Domain Controllers, and Global Catalog Servers. Take a note of each server in the 3 options. For each of the options clear the tick for “Automatically discover servers”, click OK to the message box, and then click the Add button. Enter your DCs/GCs in the AD Search box and click OK".

I have also seen this error on an Exchange 2003 SP2 cluster based on Legato CSBSAA 5.1. After contacting both Legato and Microsoft, the only solution was a complete reinstallation of the cluster.
As per Microsoft: "This error indicates that the DSAccess process in Exchange received an error when it made a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) call to a domain controller. This event might occur if the domain controller being used by the Exchange server is in a Child Domain. Such a domain controller would return a referral if the object being searched for (in the LDAP call) is not present in the Child Domain. However, DSAccess does not support referrals. This problem can also be caused by intermittent network problems or permissions issues". See MSEX2K3DB for more details.
Error code: 8004090a. This error is occuring on a clustered Exchange 2000 Server. ME309175 deals with a possible fix. They say that if the DS is looking to a domain controller in a child domain, that DC returns a referral, and DSAccess doesn't accept referrals. If DSAccess looks to a local domain controller, the proper LDAP query takes place and the request is answered. They say it's fixed in SP2 for Exchange 2000 Server. E2KS SP2 makes the Exchange Server look at Global Catalog servers for directory information, instead of any DC.
Error code: 8004090a. As per ME329166, this issue occurs because the Directory Services tab in Exchange System Manager lists only the domain controller and the configuration domain controllers that are in the site where you are currently located. Domain controllers and configuration domain controllers that are in other sites are not included in the search filter.

Error code: 80040952. This issue can occur because the carrier_some_users account should only exist on Mobile Information Server Carrier Edition servers. See ME313956.
Error code: 80040957. No info.

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