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Event ID: 2062 Source: MSMQ

Offline initialization completed successfully.
MSMQ Public Queues not functioning after introducing the server to the domain for the first time.
Windows 2000 Adv Server independent MSMQ clients in a child domain. MSMQ may fail to initialize online when it is waiting for an Active Directory replication from the controller. Once the replication occurs, MSMQ should automatically re-initialize online and write event 2060 to the Application Event log with the Description: The message queuing service is online and fully operational.
These two events may also occur on startup almost simultaneously. This is a result of MSMQ having to check Active Directory before it starts.
Event 2028 with the description of: Initialization has successfully completed, will not be written to the Application Log when event 2062 occurs. In my situation I had a Primary Enterprise Domain controller with MSMQ on it. It was acting as the global catalog server and MSMQ always started with event 2028. MSMQ on the primary domain controller also started with event 2028 every time. It wasn't until the third level down, on the independent MSMQ client under the child domain controller, that event 2062 occurred the first time I introduced the server to the domain. The fix was to sit and wait for a successful AD replication. There was no way to force replication to these independent MSMQ clients since they were not domain controllers. An indication of the need to just wait for AD replication to occur was found by creating a MSMQ Public Queue. Upon creating the public queue I was presented with a message stating the queue was created, but I wouldn't see it until AD replication succeeded. After waiting long enough and seeing event 2060 written to the Application Log, my public queue was suddenly visible and all was well. Since it started working I haven't experienced the need to wait for replication again. The replication was set to 180 minutes on my server by default. I was able to somewhat force the replication by setting the replication schedule to every 15 minutes. I let it run a few time then I set it back to 180 and MSMQ has been working since.

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