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Event ID: 2070 Source: MSExchangeRepl

The Microsoft Exchange Replication Service encountered an error while inspecting the logs and database for SERVER\Storage Group on startup. The specific error code returned is: Microsoft.Exchange.Cluster.Replay.Configuration.FileCheckLogfileMissingException: File check failed : Logfile "F:\Exchange Server\Mailbox\LocalCopies\Storage Group\E0100000001.log" was not found.
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Cluster.ReplayService.FileChecker.CheckLogfiles(Int64 minimumGeneration Int64 maximumGeneration)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Cluster.ReplayService.FileChecker.RunChecks()
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Cluster.ReplayService.ReplicaInstance.ConfigurationChecker(Object stateIgnored).
As per Microsoft: "This Error event indicates that the Microsoft® Exchange Replication (MSExchangeRepl) service produced an unrecoverable error and replication went into a failed state when the service inspected logs and database files. The error code string gives a more specific description of the problem. The error can occur when the replication service finds inconsistencies between the disk volume that contains the active copy of the storage group logs and database files and the disk volume that contains the passive copy of the storage group logs and database files.

These inconsistencies can occur for either of the following reasons:

- There is an incorrect configuration. For example, the local continuous replication (LCR) copy directories point to the wrong location.
- Physical storage is incorrectly mapped into the file system space. For example, you changed the drive mapping so that drive M is now mapped to drive N and drive N has a different set of data than what should be associated with it".
See the link to "The Microsoft Exchange Replication Service encountered an error while inspecting log files and a database" to resolve this problem.

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