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Event ID: 2074 Source: MSExchangeCluster

Exchange Information Store Instance - (<name>): Cluster Service failed the isalive checking for the resource.
See ME838922 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server.

As per Microsoft: "This problem can occur if you configure too many storage groups (allotted by the particular role). If too many storage groups are configured, the Exchange 2000 cluster cannot failover properly. Exchange 2000 Server is limited to four storage groups for each server". See ME314266 for details on this issue.

See ME142641, ME301507, and ME315691 for additional information on this event.
If you use Exchange in a Cluster Environment and you have McAfee VirusScan 8.0 installed, the Clussvc might not be able to get the state of the STMP resource. This problem appears because McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0i is released with the Port blocking rule: Prevent mass mailing worms from sending mail, Port 25. You have to set additional exclusions here: clussvc.exe, resrcmon.exe.
ME314266 provides some information regarding this. Microsoft comments that this can occur if too many storage groups are configured. They present a table in that KB article showing how many storage groups can be configured for Active/Active and Active/Passive clusters. Of course, deleting Storage Groups and mailbox stores leads to another problem described in article ME279202 "Error c1034a7f Occurs When Deleting a Mailbox Store". More information on the proper configuration of Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack 2 Clusters is available on SP2CLSTR.doc.
The information store may stop on a cluster service at random intervals. I think this will be corrected by SP3. See ME315771.

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