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Event ID: 2091 Source: MSExchangeISPublic

A message deliver to public folder store "First Storage Group\Public Folder Store (<server name>)" with message class REPORT.IPM.NOTE.NDR is being dropped.
MSEX2KDB says that if a user sends mail to the address of the public information store, the information store drops the message and SMTP sends an NDR (non-delivery receipt) and this event is recorded. No further action is required.
I was getting this error while replicating public folders between Exchange 2007 servers. I turned up diagnostics logging and identified which replication message was causing the problem. I then created a dummy account in a store configured to open the source server public folder store and compared the folder in question to the one on the target server, paying particular attention to the messages cited in the log entry. 12 messages were missing from the target server, of those 4 were corrupt. I deleted the corrupt messages, updated content and replication worked normally.
ME960993 describes a situation when this event is recorded if one of the posted messages of the same replication message includes uncompressed Rich Text Format (RTF) body. A hotfix is available for Exchange 2003.

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