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Event ID: 2121 Source: MSMQ

Unable to complete Message Queuing Setup. Hresult-<code>
See ME839929 for information about this event.
See the link to "Veritas Support Document ID: 273251" for details on how to stop this error from reappearing.
Error code: c00e0075h =  Message Queuing servers cannot be found on domain controllers. MQ_ERROR_NO_MSMQ_SERVERS_ON_DC

This event may occur when you promote a Windows 2000 server to Domain Controller.

From a newsgroup post: "On each boot, the MSMQ service checks whether the computer joined a domain. If it did, then MSMQ tries to do so as well, by creating an MSMQ Configuration object under the computer object in Active Directory. In order for joining a domain to succeed, you must have a domain controller in your computer's site that is running MSMQ, and you must also have a Global Catalog server running MSMQ in your computer's domain (a single Global
Catalog in your site is enough). MSMQ cannot join an NT 4.0 MSMQ 1.0 enterprise. If you prefer that MSMQ remain in "workgroup" mode, then add
the AlwaysWithoutDS dword registry value under
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSMQ\Parameters\Setup, with value 1."

Error code: c00e0013h - no info.
Add the following REG_DWORD value to HKLM/Software/Microsoft/MSMQ/Parameters/setup:
Assign it a value of 1.

This value is referenced in the W2K Resource Kit Registry Reference. The error occurs on W2K servers that have MSMQ configured in Workgroup mode, but the server is actually in a domain. 1 tells MSMQ to remain in workgroup mode. This error will appear along with Event 2124. Both are fixed by adding this registry value.

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