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Event ID: 21426 Source: MicrosoftOperationsMangager

The host process host process for script responses (4876) will be restarted because it is using <value> more bytes than its limit of <value>. To adjust this limit edit the Software\Mission Critical Software\OnePoint\MaxScriptHostPrivateBytes registry key.
Management Group: <management group name>.
This appears to be an Anti-virus related issue. According to ME891605, McAfee VirusScan replaces the Windows Script Host component with the ScriptScan proxy component, and the difference between these components generates the error.
Now, our servers do not have McAfee AV on them, they are using Symantec AV. However, I would say it is probably fair to assume that a similar issue is going on, since Symantec also offers script filtering and blocking properties. The good news is that it is not going to affect the overall performance of MOM 2005; it is just an annoying error that you can delete and ignore.

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