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Event ID: 22 Source: HPGate

The description for Event ID (22) in Source (hpgate) could not be found. It contains the following insertion string(s); . UP MPS 1.4 - APIC platform,.Translated.
The message description should actually read as follows:
A conflict has been detected between two drivers which claimed two overlapping IO port regions. Driver UP MPS 1.4 - APIC platform, with device <.Translated>, claimed an IO port range with starting address in data address 0x28 and 0x2c, and length in data address 0x30.
Info taken from HP website: "If you have the HP Netserver Agents Gate driver (HPGATE.SYS) and the Microsoft Security Rollup Package (SRP) installed, a harmless error will appear in the Microsoft Windows NT4.0 Event Log. This issue does not interfere with normal system operation. The Gate driver (HPGATE.SYS) obtains system management BIOS information to determine the hardware configuration. The Microsoft Security Rollup Package (SRP) for Windows NT 4.0 includes the functionality from all security patches released for Windows NT 4.0 since the release of Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6a (SP6a). For specific details regarding the Microsoft Security Rollup Package (SRP) please refer to the Microsoft website.
Solution: The Gate driver that contains the fix is currently planned to be in HP Netserver Agents 5.51 and later.

Workaround: The updated Gate driver is available as a patch at:
To update the driver:
- Download the file.
- Replace the existing HPGATE.SYS file in the %systemroot%\winnt\system32\drivers.
- Restart the server.

Details: There was a version conflict between the updated NTOSKRNL.DLL used by the Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Security Rollup Package (SRP) and the HPGATE.SYS.
Affected accessories: hp netserver agents
Affected network operating systems: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0"
Occurs on NT4 Servers as a result of a conflict between hpgate.sys(a component of Toptools Agent 5) and a post SP6a security fix. To resolve:
- Update toptools agent:
- Select proper, current agent (5.53 current as of this writing)

For more details see the HP forums link.

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