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Event ID: 2216 Source: W3SVC-WP

The script started from the URL '<URL>' with parameters '<parameters>' has not responded within the configured timeout period. The HTTP server is terminating the script.
As per T958840, the script specified in the event description may have a bug that causes it to take too long to run (thus prompting the web server to terminate it and log this message).

To increase the default timeout for this type of scripts (CGI), please see the Configuring CGI Application Timeouts link below. It involves modifying the IIS Metabase (the CGITimeout property). The default value however is 300 seconds (5 minutes) and for a web-based application, this should be more than enough. If the regular run of the CGI script takes more than that, one should reconsider a redesign of that application.
In my case, this was caused by a Perl script that was attempting to contact a remote Whois server. The remote server would not return a result in time, causing the script to timeout. We ended up adjusting the Perl script so it would return a graceful "Whois server did not respond in a timely manner" message.

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