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Event ID: 2268 Source: W3SVC-WP

Could not load all ISAPI filters for site/service. Therefore startup aborted.
This problem occurs because the request forwarding filter does not load successfully. See ME955197 for information on solving this problem.

This issue occurs if Forefront Security for SharePoint leaves a reference to a .dll file, or references to several .dll files, in the metabase when you uninstall the program. See ME943621 for a resolution.
- Error code: 0x7e (found in Data) - From a newsgroup post: "0x7e is 126 in decimal. A quick check of “winerror.h” shows that 126 is ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND. There are two possible causes. Either you have the wrong path specified for the filter, or one of the dependencies for your filter is not installed. I'm guessing that you verified the filter path before asking the newsgroup. The next step is to figure out the missing dependency. If you've used the MFC ISAPI libraries in the filter, then odds are that's what's missing. Otherwise, you can run depends.exe on your filter and it should point to the problem".

See ME894435, ME895976, and "Citrix Support Document ID: CTX106866" for additional information on this problem.
I received this error after installing a third party authentication software. Upon removing the software, the error was still coming up. I searched through event viewer for the first error I could find regarding W3SVC-WP. When I uninstalled the software, the uninstaller was kind enough to leave references to its dll files in the filters section of the Metabase.xml file. After removing all the filters that referenced that software, my server returned to serving pages and no more errors appeared.
I had just loaded the Citrix 3.0 licensing server on one of our Windows 2003 domain controllers. Initially the server would not start up. I had to reset some security settings for user access to the domain controller specific to the IUSR account under the domain controller’s security policy. Additionally I followed the guide as outlined in Tomcat IIS How-To. I used their settings, changing the paths to the appropriate locations, as it seemed more robust than the generic Citrix file. I also followed the guide just to double check all the settings. Between the guide and checking the security settings on files and folders and user access I was able to get the website back up and running.

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